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We want to hear your thoughts about why Milan is a global capital of fashion and design. Be as creative as possible! This requires you to make a 5+ minute YouTube video explaining why Milan is better than other fashion and design capitals. In addition to a submitted YouTube video we want a 1000+ word essay about your goals in life, why you’re attending your University. If you already visited Milan then share your own experience. It will give you advantage for this opportunity. The winner will receive a $350 University scholarship.piazza duomo 3523640 1280 pixabay


If you’re at an accredited college/university for the 2023/2024 year then you’re eligible. Please provide proof of enrollment.

Application Process:

  • Make a 4+ minute YouTube video
  • Upload the video to YouTube and make sure the title says “ Scholarship Contest - 2023/2024”
  • Under the description area please link to
  • Email us and include the video link
  • Include your name, address, number and the school you are attending
  • Proof of enrollment
  • 1,000 word essay as stated previously


Our deadline is October 1st 2023. One winner is chosen. We’re doing another scholarship contest next year, so if you don’t win, then try try again!

Please submit all info to our email id.

Mail us at

Thank you!

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